{December 5, 2011}   First Nations/Aboriginals Contribution to Canada’s growth as a Country

I thought with everything that’s going on in the media in regards to the Topic of First Nations/Aboriginal people I’d do some research and remind people of the positive and successful contributions FN/Ab. people have brought to Canada. Especially, seeing as many people have never been taught these things within our Education system, and at the same time may be provide teachers with the resources to assist them in class; and to plant a seed for those who are willing to share our knowledges amongst each other.

Frontier to Freeway: A History of Highways in British Columbia

In most of the province, the original trail builders were members of British Columbia’s First Nations, whose people used these routes for millennia. The trails blazed then were the forerunners of today’s highways, which span the wide interior plains of British Columbia, climb the mountains and skirt the inland water ways.



Provinces and Territories – The origins of their names

There are two theories as to the origin of the name. (1) It is of Assiniboine origin: Mini and tobow meaning “Lake of the Prairie”, or in French “Lac des Prairies”, the name used by La Vérendrye. (2) The more probable source is the Cree maniotwapow, “the strait of the spirit or manitobau“. http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/education/prov_e.php


Aboriginal Veterans


Aboriginal Veterans Honor List


Aboriginal Canada Portal



Native Hockey Players

Ice hockey was first observed by Europeans being played by Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia in the late 1600’s. It was called ricket by the Natives. The game was played utilizing a frozen road apple as the first puck. Eventually, they began to carve pucks from cherrywood, which was the puck of preference until late in the century when rubber imported by Euro-Americans replaced the wood.

Native role models.



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